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Create a plan for success while overcoming obstacles as you transition to the United States of America.

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You Can Adapt to a New Culture Without Fear

You can live your best life as you transition to the United States with International Transition Expert, Sairan Aqrawi. She will walk beside you and your team as you overcome language barriers and culture shock, find meaningful and profitable work specific to your passions, and above all, give you a sense of belonging.

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Coaching Packages

Start living your best life. Sairan will help you create a plan for success while overcoming the barriers and obstacles you will encounter as you transition to the United States. She aspires to help others accomplish the American Dream – to do what you love, with people you love, while having FUN above all! Transform your life and find your dream career bringing you profit and joy, surround yourself with a supportive community, and learn to build new habits to achieve continued success.

Move away from your country and seek the best version of yourself. Your new identity will come out polished and unique.”

01. Private Coaching

Take action and transform your life today. Sairan will give you the tools to start seeing amazing results in your life – no matter how big your goals are.

A six or twelve-month private coaching package where you will receive one-on-one coaching.

  • Access to Sairan via email for questions in-between sessions
  • Access to invite-only events to improve your networking skills
  • Learn how to form habits and build rituals to practice mindfulness
  • Build a framework to set you on the path to accomplishing your dreams
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02. VIP Transformation Day

One full day of intentional coaching (in-person or virtually) where we will work together to build a framework to achieve your goals as you transition to life in the United States.

We will discuss your dream career, communication skills, networking, tips & tricks, and the tools to get you moving in the right direction.

This package also includes access to:

  • Ways to jump start and take action to your dream career
  • Overnight change tools and tips
  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • Networking Resources
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03. Group Transformation Coaching

Transform your life and team with this online group coaching program. Gain access to proven strategies and plug into a community of others who have made this same journey and have achieved success.

A six or twelve-month program offered both in-person and virtually, includes monthly coaching calls, live training sessions, accountability, a supportive community, and so much more. We will dig deep, set goals, and find out what success means to you. Things we will cover include:

  • Improving Your Communication Skills
  • Networking
  • Education and Self-Development
  • Achieving Career Success
Book your free 30-minute FREE consultation with Sairan to see what package is best for your group!

The Process

  • Contact

    Contact Sairan + Choose a Package that’s right for you!

  • Plan

    Create a plan for success.

  • Overcome

    Overcome language barriers and culture shock, find meaningful and profitable work specific to your passions, and above all, feel a sense of belonging.

  • Live

    Live your American Dream!

Meet Sairan

[Pronounced Say-Ran]
Coach. Mentor. Speaker. Author. Transition Expert.

Sairan AqrawiSairan Aqrawi is the CEO of International Transition Expert, a successful transformation coach, an engaging speaker, a knowledgeable and attentive mentor, a co-author of a bestselling book, and so much more!

A humble yet professional leader, Sairan has the knowledge and motivation to help you live your best life. Her goal is to leverage your strengths and empower you to transform your life, find your true happiness, and make you feel at home wherever you are.

Sairan is an ACC Associate Certified Coach and a distinguished mentor at George Washington University’s Women in Engineering (WiE) and Women in Technology (WiT). With over two decades of experience in coaching and mentoring international teams, families, individuals, and college students, Sairan has built a business founded on real-life experience, extensive knowledge, and a passion to help others like you accomplish the American Dream!

Sairan has helped hundreds of individuals transitioning to the United States struggling with fear, confusion, culture shock, language barriers, and isolation. She makes you feel safe and have fun while adapting to a new culture. She is ready to help you find profitable work that fits your passion and lifestyle.

Sairan is intelligent, bold, and has a compelling sense of humor and an infectious presence. Her ability to connect with and relate to the audience allows her to engage and transform the room.

Sairan’s journey to the United States has inspired her desire to help others accomplish the American Dream. As a native Kurdish from Iraq, Sairan came to the United States over 20 years ago. She brings 30 years of corporate experience in engineering, management, and team building. She is an expert problem solver with a love for teaching. Sairan believes that becoming a civil engineer has allowed her to get where she is today and find her true passion.

No matter where you are in your journey, Sairan is here to offer you the support, confidence, and motivation you need to live your best life in the United States.

Words of Kindness & Hope

  • “Sairan's coaching provided a safe space for transformation. Her genuine, caring nature and indomitable spirit allowed me to progress toward my goals while not judging myself too harshly and letting go of the past.”
  • “Sairan helped me see my excuses for not doing something as what they were -- excuses. I now have a different perspective of being healthy and rather than a chore, I see it as a way to success in other parts of my life. Sairan is kind and direct in sharing her observations. Sairan is encouraging and you end a session having a sense of power that you can do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be.”
  • “Sairan is very enthusiastic about coaching, and her passion for it shows in her work. She is very supportive and encouraging in her style.”
  • “Holistic and solution-focused recapped our previous sessions and brought a sense of continuity to our coaching relationship Different effective ways to coach. I learned how to look at specific situations from a different perspective which has helped me tremendously. Additionally, by the tremendous empathy she shows, she has helped me learn how I can be more empathetic in my personal life and as a coach. I became more mindful of my relationships and also helped with my personal efforts to develop my self-compassion.”
  • “I worked with Sairan for 3 months during the Coaching Process. Sairan was a joy to work with! Sairan was always open to learning something new. I loved the way that she would think out-of-the-box when creating solutions. I was impressed how Sairan was fully committed to implementing actions. I know Sairan has already become a fabulous coach and is committed to helping her clients. I recommend Sairan to anyone who is looking for a Coach to help them in their Life, Career, or Business. You must work with Sairan!”
  • “Sairan is incredibly genuine, so warm and engaging in her communication style. She was always on time, prepared with ideas for discussion topics, and open to my probing questions, feedback, and observations. I was inspired by her future vision for her professional coaching goals and learned quite a bit from her as she was always willing to share resources as much as she was willing to take note of resources I shared with her. Overall, our rich discussions enabled me to deepen my own self-reflection and to expand my self-confidence as a coach.”
  • “Sairan has a great ability to pay attention to detail. This ability also helps her when she's helping someone else; it allows her to channel this energy to touch on multiple ideas or issues to bring together an all-encompassing solution. She pays attention to the needs of others to help them reach their goals. She's not intimidated by a new challenge; she faces all challenges head-on with confidence and grace.”
  • “My session with Sairan left me feeling more than adequate as a professional, with a clear vision for my goals both long and short term, and overall peace with my journey. She employed techniques which had me critically thinking about myself, providing some clarity in an unclear situation. I feel Sairan is an excellent mentor, fully focused on the protege while guiding with insights and compassion. Thank you for a wonderful experience, it's something I will not forget.”
  • "Sairan and I met through a professional organization. We did a mentor/coach session where she coached me through some tricky and challenging work situations as well as some personal life ones. She offered great advice and actively listened to my wants and needs to help me find ways to work on myself. Thank you, Sairan!"
  • “To me, Sairan’s core genius is warmth and care she radiates and expresses for others. This makes it very easy to open up, to be honest, share issues, and plan next steps and solutions together.”
  • "Sairan has an international perspective as she lived her childhood in the Middle East and most of her adult life in the Western world. Her global perspective and understanding of cultures, religions, languages, ethnicities and the commonality in all of it allows her to have a holistic view of life. Sairan knows how to tailor and cater to all sorts of needs, demands, and challenges of life and how to laugh and lift spirits when needed. Yin and yang can be her theme. She has seen war and peace. Therefore, no constants in life. Adaptation is the key.”

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Words of Encouragement from Sairan Aqrawi

You might plant your seeds in Asia, but you might end up harvesting them in Canada! The seeds are already on the ground, and we all live in the same globe. Move from where you live. There is excitement waiting for you far away”

Work hard on your American dream… there are many hidden diamonds in muddy ways.”

The minute you give yourself permission to change, the next minute, opportunities will knock at your door!”

Travel away… settle away… your best stories reside away… everything that’s new will take your mind away.”

Don’t leave this world without making an impact, no matter where you were born!”

First be proud of your own reflection in the mirror before seeking acceptance from others.”

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